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The people in a corporation it is everything. They are who make the corporation. Moving forward together is the only way to succeed, according to Henry Ford. Therefore, any investment made towards the company’s people, it is of high return and value. This investment, among others, can be made in order to motivate them or to grow the feeling of belonging, to create a stronger team. We are focusing today on team building, and we are going to recommend great places to dedicate a weekend together to do so.

Team work, that is, team building, it is a matter of death or life:

These past weeks we have seen how the speech of Nando Parrado, which he gave in the Expo Management, is taking the social networks over. He talked about his experience on how to survive where it is impossible to live. He talked about his terrible experience on the plane crash that he survived in the Andes in 1972. He survived, because they were a team before the crash. They were a rugby team, they knew each other and they worked together, taking decisions, planning their strategy and implementing it; all these concepts that helped them survive are business concepts. In life you die or you are rescued, in business you die or you succeed; and how you do it is not different in life than in business. You need leadership and team work.


All great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

Steve Jobs


Spain is the perfect place to improve your team work with diverse team building activities, from Olympics on the beach and trekking tours with caving, to scavenger hunts in historical towns and orienteering tours on amazing little or big towns. The best of you is the perfect company to coordinate a flawless, creative and perfect team building weekend event. In addition, we are the only company with access to exclusive places (to special castles, and their gardens, to empty beaches…).

These are few of the places, shown in the pictures below, where we can organize the mentioned activities:




Olympics on a wonderful (empty) beach under blue sky. Everybody can participate, because we use attractive team activities with low physical impact. Awekes the competitive character of each participant, and motivates them to win.




Trekking tours with caving. A beautyful tour where we will discover a private cave. This will be opened for your group exclusively, as it is normally closed to the public.




Scavenger hunt in a historical town. You will look behind the amazing secrets of the city on small groups. Collegues will get to know each other better. A lot of fun is guaranteed!





Orienteering tours. This activity is great for teams who want to improve and test their communicative skills. We provide a challenging setting with several restrictions on communication that make it hard to solve this problem.


Spain is magical and different and we are the perfect guides to incredible places. Together, we will achieve your objectives and we will support your strategy.





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