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tiffany diamond

Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. has reflected the profound ideals surrounding true love and has been part of the world’s greatest love stories. Today we had the pleasure of meeting with one of his diamond specialist and go throughout the experience of what it is like to enter the world of engagement rings at Tiffany & Co.


After we were warmly greeted at the Tiffany store, we met with the diamond specialist. It was a pleasure hearing him talk about the beautiful rings we saw on display. We tested his knowledge on diamonds with way too many questions to which he always had the perfect answer (info on th diamonds 4 C’s, and how to buy one wisely HERE). He told us about Tiffany & Co history and legacy, and we ended up speechless admiring the special rings he showed us, some of wich you can see in the following pictures in this post.

Keep in mind that you can be in peace when you buy a diamond piece here:

Tiffany & Co. is committed to obtaining precious metals and gemstones and crafting our jewelry in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible.


Tiffany Harmony™ engagement ring and matching band in 18k rose gold with diamonds.


The Tiffany® Setting and the famous Blue Box create a magical moment that will linger in memory for a lifetime

Just as each relationship is unique, so, too, are Tiffany’s diverse engagement rings and wedding bands. Each has a singular beauty and timeless design elements that set it apart, to be cherished for a lifetime.


Tiffany Novo diamond engagement ring and diamond band rings in platinum, 18 karat rose gold and 18 karat yellow gold.

«No other brand embodies the emotion and trust that Tiffany does for those who are committed to one another. People have always looked to Tiffany to commemorate the most precious and joyous moments in their lives.»

Besides the special and unique Tiffany setting for the classic engagement diamond ring, you can find other special rings and modern alternatives like the following:


Ring with a 15.04 carat oval fancy vivid yellow diamond and white diamond and platinum setting.

Tiffany Blue Book The Art of the Sea collection (2015) is beautiful and it is a great option to give your loved one as an engagement ring or aniversary present. Here some examples:

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We also love the idea that you can buy diamond wedding bands even if you are not getting married! The Diamond Expert showed us how it looked in our hand when we mix different wedding bands in a finger. It looks beyond amazing!


We had a truly sensuous experience, we learned more of this magnificent stone that is the diamond, about Tiffany & Co, and we were happy to experience the atmosphere that the Diamond Expert created. It is not only about buying a ring. There is a moment in time when couples experience an intimate connection, an acknowledgement that yes, this person is the one, now and forever. This is the turning point in every relationsphip, when a lifetime of happiness and adventures together it is about to start. Because:

Every life together starts with a question.

Will you?

Will you ask your love one to marry you? Do not wait, just do it! And remember that The best of you will be at your side, if you want, during the process and helping you prepare the perfect scene to pop up the question. The best of you has the names and contacts of the best diamond specialist for you to meet up in person, we will set your appointment up!

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